Tiny Traveller

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Tiny Traveller
Tiny Traveller is the personal blog of a young woman in Japan. In it, she shares tidbits about her life and experiences. In order to get her thoughts and messages across, she makes use of her photos and words.

Visual Aesthetics – 9
I really like the header of this blog. I cannot explain it but it made me think of the warmth of cuddling up in an over sized chair with a good book and a big steaming mug of coffee. I am not so sure that the background color matches the header, though. Still, the countless photos within the posts are more than enough to compensate for this.

User Friendliness – 8
Tiny Traveller is very user friendly in terms of finding relevant information such as the About Me and Archives sections. A couple of suggestions – perhaps a section for categories to make it easier for readers to find posts by topic and links to more information on the wonderful places mentioned in the blog posts.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
I really enjoyed reading through the posts in Tiny Traveller. Although English is not the native language in Japan, Mihiro is able to convey her thoughts and emotions pretty well. Reading through the posts made me want to visit her country even more.

Useful Info – 9
As with most personal blogs, not all the posts are full of useful information. Tiny Traveller does have its share of practical information, though, especially if you want to know more about Japan and if you are planning a trip there.

Overall Experience – 9
Tiny Traveller is a very interesting and refreshing personal blog. Japan enthusiasts, you should take a look at this blog and learn more about the real deal.


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  1. This is a beautiful, serene blog. As a small American tow-head blonde child (sticking out like a sore thumb)living in Japan with my family back when my dad was stationed there, this brings back beautiful images and memories of a place you just normally could never put into words. This Tiny Traveller captures the beauty and absolute peacefulness of a very special place and people.