Thoughts of a Limemonkey


Thoughts of a Limemonkey

I have no idea what a limemonkey is but this limemonkey can think really well. The author claims that he no longer knows what this blog is about anymore and I sure don’t know either. But the truth is a lot of blogs are like that and seeing a blog change as the person changes is all part of the fun.

Visual Aesthetics – 8

Although the blog template used is as lain as it gets and there isn’t even a special header, the blog looks nice enough, mostly due to the presence of black and white photos.

User Friendliness – 8

The blog is easy to navigate, has readable fonts, and loads fast enough. However there are plenty of video clips (of Jason) due to the weekly video blog, which of course takes some time to load (especially if you have a slow internet connection). There are no labels/categories in this blog so it isn’t that easy to search for topical entries.

Reading Enjoyment – 8

Th entries are usually pretty long but since this blog is supposed to be Jason’s practice in writing then I guess he should be writing long pieces. However, long entries do not always appeal to visitors especially if the entries are personal in nature and the visitor doesn’t know you to well. If you do go read despite the posts’ length you will find plenty of interesting and substantial stuff. The photos make the entries a lot more enjoyable though and for those who don’t like reading too much the weekly video blogs can be refreshing.

Useful Info – 6

Like most personal blogs this one doesn’t offer much useful information although his list of favorite books on the sidebar is pretty good. If you want to start reading something you might as well choose from his list. I personally loved Ender’s Game, Of Mice and Men, and Oliver Twist.

Overall Experience – 8

The author is on a quest to become a good writer. His blog is a good start as any but if he plans on writing a novel my suggestion is to start inserting short works of fiction instead of just plain blogging. Take it one step further JasonBloggy Award believes in you. As for the blog, it is a good blog but it doesn’t really offer something unique. Maybe it’s waiting for Jason’s more fancy writing to take off.

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