Jenny’s Wandering Thoughts


Jenny’s Wandering Thoughts

Meet Jen David, another enthusiastic blogging momma. Enter her blog world and see her enterprising side as well as meet the family she so loves.

Visual Aesthetics – 6

Great header but the button links located directly beneath it and the big banner ad above it ruin the blog’s look. The template also isn’t really that great. The added effect of the notebook’s lines plus the underlines for the links make for a messy looking blog. Nice images though.

User Friendliness – 7

Positives: Readable fonts and fast loading time. Tag board for off-topic messages. Negatives: No categories/labels. No link to previous posts at the bottom of the page. Weird comments link sitting side by side. I still don’t get it why there should be two links for comments.

Reading Enjoyment – 7

Jen’s family photos are really nice and her daughters are lovely but there are way too many sponsored posts here. It makes the blog more informative but at the same time the blog is starting to sound a bit like a sales blog more than a personal blog.

Useful Info – 10

Even though most of the informative entries here are sponsored posts, they ARE still informative. Lot’s of useful links to be found in this blog.

Overall Experience – 7

A mix between a personal, family, and money-making blog. The blog is pleasant enough isn’t something strangers would feel like subscribing to. The blog is still relatively new though and will most probably get a lot better as Jen learns to balance her sponsored and personal entries.

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