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The Wrong Blog prides itself as a blog where anyone can post. Well, actually, not anyone can just post per se, but one has to register, and will be able to write draft blog posts once he gets his account activated. The blog owner also invites people to submit summaries about their latest entries on their own blogs. This way, the Wrong Blog comes as a cross between a team blog and a blog aggregator.

Topics range from politics, to satire, to humor, and other personal interests. I don’t know why it’s called the “Wrong” blog, since it seems to be the right place to be if you have something to say. Maybe it’s a catchy name, and maybe it’s a good domain name to start with. Still, being an aggregator of content from different writers, you’re sure to find something of interest to you on the Wrong Blog.

Visual Aesthetics – 6

The Wrong Blog uses a black-on-light brown theme, which is easy on the eyes at first, but might prove to be difficult to read because of the low contrast. The blog also uses a three-column layout, which is not usually very effective for blogs because of the tendency for information overload. However, the Wrong Blog seems to be able to use this layout effectively, with the right elements at the right places.

User Friendliness – 8

The Wrong Blog uses WordPress, which has become pretty much the standard platform these days among bloggers. This way, those already familiar with the interface of the usual wordpress blog and admin panel (for those who are interested in contributing to the blog) would find it easy to use. Also, the blog features permalinks in the right places (the blog titles also serve as links), and easy links to the categories and pages of interest can be found easily. The site might not load well on slow computers or over slow connections, though, due to the heavy theme and nature of content–quite a lot of images and videos.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

As mentioned before, the Wrong Blog is an aggregator so it tends to contain blog posts about more than just one general topic. So whether you’re interested in the arts, politics, technology, or even animals, you would find something good to read on this blog. Just don’t expect too much of your own interests, given the diverse backgrounds of the authors and contributors.

Useful Info – 6

The Wrong Blog seems to be generic, in this regard, being more of an aggregator, and with information tidbits being about different topics. While there are some notable pieces of information that I found useful, there is no one topic or theme that the blog serves as a good source of knowledge for. It’s still a good reference if you need fresh perspectives on different things, every once in a while.

Overall Experience – 7

The Wrong Blog is a good cross between the team blog and a blog aggregator. It is able to build on user-contributed content, while still being under the quality control of the blog owner. Hence, one would expect that the useless and senseless posts common in openly-user-contributed sites (like wikis and other aggregators) are not present here. The information and opinions contained can be varied, but good perspectives can be gleaned from this variety. Overall, the Wrong Blog is a good read and I rate it a notch above average.

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