The Reyes Report

The Reyes Report
The Reyes Report is the blog of Jorge Reyes, who aims to provide thought-provoking commentaries on the hottest issues of today. He also aims to offer a venue for interesting discussion for like minded individuals.

Visual Aesthetics – 7
The Reyes Report has a very simple look, which is actually easy on the eyes. The header is customized, giving the blog it’s own look;and there are relevant images in the posts. I feel, however, that the blog’s overall aesthetics could use more work. There is a lot of space wasted and it gives off an “empty feeling.” More so, the images in the posts could be placed in such a way as to break up the long chunks of text every now and then. A little tweaking of the visual elements and things should be much better.

User Friendliness – 8
This blog loads up really quickly and you will not have to wait just to read a post. I also like how the fonts make it easy for the user to read.

Some suggestions: The archives could be placed at a more accessible location. I also looked for an About Me page but couldn’t find any. It would be really interesting to know more about the person behind the commentaries. Last, the Snap previews can get bothersome after a while. Maybe they can be lessened.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
It is always interesting to read the take of other people on important issues. I enjoyed reading The Reyes Report as the issues are definitely relevant. Not everyone may have the same point of view as the blogger, but that’s where a good discussion starts!

Useful Info – 10
Reading The Reyes Report is much like talking to a colleague or a friend about what you just read in the newspaper. It’s reading someone’s opinions and thoughts and then having a discussion. While some may not consider that as practical information, I think it is always useful to know and talk about what’s happening around you.

Overall Experience – 8
Content-wise, The Reyes Report has a lot going for it. People who want to exercise their discussion powers, this blog could be for you!



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  1. Jorge is a good friend of mine and a very smart guy. His articles are always interesting, thought provoking, and he always seems to come up with a different angle to every story. Jorge is also a published author who has 3 books to his name. He’s very talented. I wish nothing but good luck.