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There’s no such thing as free lunch and no such thing as free prizes either but as long as you get more than what you pay for who wouldn’t want to win? The Prize Blog is a great starting point for those who like getting freebies in the internet. Sure you usually need to give personal information but since it’s usually just your email (you can create one dedicated to online contests) and your address then it should be alright. Right?

Visual Aesthetics – 6

The blog content look nice enough. It has enough color without being to colorful but some images look a bit tacky. This isn’t the author’s fault though since the images come from the contest it endorses and not from personal taste. What the author’s fault IS the header. It just doesn’t do the blog justice. It’s tacky and doesn’t reflect the blog’s nature. It’s a PRIZE blog not some garden-puttering woman’s diary.

User Friendliness – 8

Very user friendly. Easy navigation, fast loading time, short readable entries. The FAQ and Tips and Tricks are especially informative as to the blog’s nature and give useful advice for those interested in entering online contests. The Tools page is also very useful giving users the link to tools they can use to auto-fill forms.

Reading Enjoyment – 5

There’s nothing to enjoy about the posts in story-wise or even terms of ideas presented or writing skill used. Each entry is basically composed of the title, the game URL, the game prize, and a picture of the prize or something related to the contest. It isn’t meant to entertain but to inform. If you read the great prizes though the anticipation of winning could give you pleasure as you daydream about a trip to Ireland or getting some real cash.

User Info – 10

Very informative and useful. Subscribing to this blog will definitely save you hours of scouring the net for contests with cool prizes. Since the blog is updated frequently you won’t have to worry about the posts being outdated. The only problems are that there are plenty of contests that don’t run too long, so you have to make sure you really are subscribed to enter as soon as a contest starts, and that a lot of them are for US residents only.

Overall Experience – 7

A really useful blog to find contest where you can actually win something. Since there are a lot of online scams going on subscribing to this blog makes sense as the author only endorses contests that he’s pretty sure about.

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