The Nurse Lady

Nurse Injecting Man

The Nurse Lady

The Nurse Lady is full of stories and tips from a health professional. Its a place where health professionals can swap funny anecdotes and moms can go for help when perplexed with their child’s condition.

Visual Aesthetics – 8

The Nurse Lady looks very neat and clean, or even sterile like a clinic. The place needs a bit cheering up although the cartoon on the header helps some. The very plain look makes for easy reading and navigation though.

User Friendliness – 8

The simple two column layout and very clean look makes it very easy for anyone to navigate. The usual features are found on the left sidebar while the posts are found on the right. A nice thing feature this blog didn’t neglect is the HOME link which, though very simple, is one of the things many bloggers do not make use of.

Reading Enjoyment – 8

The Nurse Lady’s anecdotes are pretty funny. Some of her more informative posts can be pretty dry and technical. Unless you think you have some of the diseases discussed in technical detail though you can skip them and just read the more fun posts.

Useful Info – 9

A lot of useful information to be found here. Even her more humorous posts contain something you can learn from. In case you need some specific information The Nurse Lady is a good place to visit since you can submit any health related topic for her to discuss in her next post.

Overall Experience – 8

The Nurse Lady has the makings of a pretty interesting blog. However, her recent blog posts are few and far between so that you won’t really have something to visit each week. If the author can come up with her witty posts more regularly it can lead to something good. The blog can use some images in her posts though to liven up the atmosphere.

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