The Longest Way Home

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The Longest Way Home
The Longest Way Home is actually a web site that chronicle’s Dave’s journey around the world. It has a companion blog, which is what I am reviewing. When I read the submission e-mail for The Longest Way Home, I was touched by the description: “A travel blog about a guy searching the world for a place called home.” I once heard someone say that we all are searching for a place to call home. Dave is on that journey and he shares this quest with the rest of us.

Visual Aesthetics – 9
The design of the blog is very pleasing to the eyes. I am a fan of dark themes and The Longest Way Home definitely falls under that category. Graphics-wise, The Longest Way Home has a lot to offer, as Dave includes a lot of his pictures from his travels. One comment – the formatting of the pictures in relation to the text could be better.

User Friendliness – 8
The blog is hosted at a different site – Travellerspoint. As such, if you want to leave comments and see more of the blog, you have to click on the links from the main site and you are then taken to another page. This is a bit of a hassle as you can imagine. Once you get to Travellerspoint, though, you are good to go.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
I really enjoyed reading the posts on The Longest Way Home. For someone who has been bitten by the traveling bug (that’s me!), a blog like this really catches my attention. The fact that Dave is currently in Manila and is sharing his experiences there also got me hooked.

Useful Info – 10
Definitely full of useful info – that’s what I can say about The Longest Way Home. Not only does Dave share his thoughts and insights, he also provides some information that travelers to various destinations may find useful.

Overall Experience – 9
The Longest Way Home is a must for those who are into traveling. The content is excellent, the pictures inspiring. I hope you find your way home, Dave!



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  1. Noemi,

    Thank you for the review of The Longest Way Home. It’s great to get such feedback and constructive criticism in this day and age. Much appreciated.

    I took note of your comments about photo alignment. And have now made an attempt at correcting it!

    Thanks also for the comment on me finding home! I am out there doing my best as we speak!

    All the best