The Daily Mind

The Daily Mind
The Daily Mind promises to bring more meaning into your life, with the help of Eastern life principles. Written and managed by The Daily Minder, this blog is sure to inject fresh strength and energy into your mundane everyday life.

Visual Aesthetics – 10
I just love the header of The Daily Mind! A caricature of The Daily Minder is shown in the forefront and all sorts of other people are placed in the fuzzy background.

The overall look of the blog is very neat and clean – in perfect harmony with the intrinsic message that it wants to impart. There isn’t any clutter, and the reader is free to enjoy the whole visual experience.

User Friendliness – 10
The Daily Mind is very easy to navigate. The relevant links are easily found at the top of the page and in the right columns. I also didn’t have any problems with load time. More than this, the sleek looks of the blog made it very easy to read the posts.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
I only meant to read several posts quickly for evaluation purposes, but I ended up spending a whole lot more time than I thought I would. The Daily Minder writes simply, making it easy and enjoyable for readers, but at the same time the concepts are so weighty that you will not be able to help yourself from reading more.

Useful Info – 10
This is definitely the strongest point of The Daily Mind. Some of the concepts presented in the posts may seem like commonplace to some people, but once you start reading, you will find fresh insights – it’s like having a eureka! moment over and over again.

Overall Experience – 10
Bloggy Award
The Daily Mind is one blog that you absolutely have to bookmark and visit on a regular basis! It reminds you of the important things in life and points you in the right direction. For those of us who need a gentle push every now and then, here’s the blog that will help! A Gold Bloggy Award Winner, no doubt!



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