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True Tears
That Anime Blog
THAT Anime Blog is actually an anacronym for “The Anime review site that Has great fanboyism over the Almighty Megas-good Tsuraya anime blog” although it is more commonly referred to as THAT. Founded in August of 2006 by a group of anime enthusiasts. Impz, the main founder, submitted his blog which aims to provide insight and information of all the goings on in the anime and manga world.

Visual Aesthetics – 10
I like how the overall format and color scheme is minimalist. This way, it does not compete with the awesome anime visuals included in the posts.

User Friendliness – 10
The blog is very well organized, with links to the archives as well as entries written by the active writers of the blog. The posts are well-formatted and easy to read.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
I like anime but am not hardcore – I didn’t know much about what the entries talk about but I enjoyed browsing through them. Fancy that, there is even a main character in True Tears that bears the same name as I do!

Useful Info – 8
I don’t know about the usefulness of the information that you can find in THAT. Perhaps if you are really into anime, you would pick up a lot of useful stuff but I find it more of an enjoyable read than an informational read.

Overall Experience – 9
THAT should be part of every anime lover’s bookmarks. Even if you didn’t follow the stuff they talk about, the visuals alone are worth a visit.




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  3. Well, I haven’t read a lot of THAT anime blog, but from what I saw the site has a lot of content, anime reviews, synopsis (I think), and some other interesting ramblings. I’d definitively check it out!

    And fautSpatt… be a bit more creative with your backlinking. At least stay on topic dammit! D:<