The profile had me in stitches. It’s one of the funniest blog introduction I’ve read so far…“They say that when a hundred monkeys get together and bang the keys on the keybord randomly , the entire works of shakesphere will be reproduced. Thanks to this blog , you know thats not true. No no , don’t misunderstand Me. I’m not normally this dumb. I’m just having a blonde moment. I’m just another Internet-addicted idiot suffering from diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the mind. My ignorance is Encyclopedic. Hell , Do I care ? This is my blog. Phifft….” Now you know what to expect. Read on.

Visual Aesthetics – 7

Very simple BLACK template. The blog is neat and uncluttered, which is nice, but it needs some relief from all that text. I prefer this look though compared to “confused-looking” blogs.

User Friendliness – 9

Simplicity rules. Fast loading time. Large readable text. Organized sidebar with very clear section labels. Easy navigation. My only gripe is that there is no link to previous posts at the bottom of the page.

Reading Enjoyment – 10

Very interesting posts. At a glance the length might discourage you but if you persevere and read on you will definitely be rewarded by a few laughs. Some posts ARE too long but on the whole they are written well enough to take your mind of the length. Refreshingly frank and simple. No long story telling but full of tell-it-as-it-is posts from a guying having a blonde moment. How politically incorrect is that?

Useful Info – 6

Lots of fun info but almost all of no use. But since fun is good for our health it is still useful thus earning this blog a six in this category.

Overall Experience – 8

I liked reviewing this blog because it helped me unwind. Visit Tanmay-ology for a daily dose of a bellyache. People who are uptight about being politically correct and sensitive about imprecations…keep out.