SEO Networker

SEO Networker
SEO Networker is site of Raymond Fong and Fernando Ceballos, two guys who have become experts in their own right in the field of online marketing. They offer their services to people who need them and promise excellent results in various areas including traffic generation.

Visual Aesthetics – 8
SEO Networker has a wonderful header which will not fail to catch the attention of any visitor. It is very simple but reflects touches that are reminiscent of Google. The rest of the site is very clean and easy on the eyes, although one would expect a little more visual candy. This is especially true for the blog section.

User Friendliness – 10
SEO Networker is very user friendly, ensuring that even the first time visitor will not find it difficult to navigate the site. The most important sections can easily be accessed via the navigation links right under the site’s header. Each section also provides further links that users might need.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
In spite of the fact that SEO Networker is definitely promoting a service, the copy is written in a very engaging manner. Forget the stiff copy that you often see with business sites. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself enjoying going through SEO Networker.

Useful Info – 10
From the home page to the About Us page to the blog, SEO Networker gives you information that you can use to gain an edge online. Forget big talk. This is all about knowledge that can be put to practical use.

Overall Experience – 9
SEO Networker offers you what you have been looking for in terms of getting ahead online. This is a must-visit site for a business owner or even an individual who wants to make his mark online.


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  1. Well, I must say that this one is a great thing to offer as an SEO. This is a thing that the clients usually wants. Way to go SEO Networker.