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Sand to Glass
Pristine glass is made from ordinary sand – the exquisite can come from the ordinary. This is what Diane M. Schuller seems to be advocating in her blog Sand to Glass. Diane is a freelance writer and amateur (but serious) photographer fro Alberta, Canada and her blog shouts creativity.

Visual Aesthetics – 10
Default Blogger template but very pleasing to the eyes. Despite the fact that she brands herself as an amateur photographer, Diane seems to have a knack for presenting images in a beautiful light.

User Friendliness – 10
One would think that due to the large number of photos in the blog, you would have a hard time loading up the pages. Thank goodness that this is not the case. You can easily browse all the wonderful photos in Sand to Glass. The blog layout makes for easy navigation and everything is neat and orderly.

Reading Enjoyment – 8
The blog entries are full of quotes – I love quotes – but some of them just run on too long for my liking. The pictures make up for them, though.

Useful Info – 8
If you like gardening, you’d get some of information from the blog. I think, though, that there are more musings for the thinker in this blog – which is always a good thing, but which may not be appealing to others.

Overall Experience – 9
Sand to Glass is a must for nature lovers and those with green thumbs.

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