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Qraqqed! is a blog written by a “pretty nice guy” in Colombo, Sri Lanka who can really “complain and criticize.” The blogger is a very young writer but has a lot of ideas about most everything around him and is not shy to share them through Qraqqed!

Visual Aesthetics – 8
Qraqqed! is not all dressed up when it comes to visuals. It does have a few pertinent photos, though, to spruce up the blogs. Though the blog is not unpleasing visually, it could use some spicing up in this respect.

User Friendliness – 10
There is no problem with Qraqqed! when it comes to navigation. The posts are easily found on the larger left column and the links are well organized on the smaller right column. Tags, best posts, comments, and the like can also be found on the right.

Reading Enjoyment – 8
There is something refreshing about reading Qraqq’s posts. I suppose, seeing the world from a teenager’s eyes can do that. The writing style is a bit raw on the edges and needs some time to improve. The command of the language could also improve more.

Useful Info – 8
Qraqqed! contains a lot of information on the goings on around the blogger. He does have a unique perspective on a variety of issues, such that different readers can glean some information from the blog.

Overall Experience -8
Qraqqed! is worth visiting every once in while, especially for the younger generation who wants to hear what a contemporary has to say.

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