This site is consciously offensive; the first thing on the page is a graphic blaring “Happy ******* Holidays.” It doesn’t get any better from there. It’s apparently a site put up to make fun in a sophomoric way of pictures of other people on the Internet.

Visual Aesthetics – 5

The graphics are reasonably well done, though offensive. The site loads well, and it’s not hard to read.

User Friendliness – 5

It’s a little hard to navigate, as all the links to his other pages are at the bottom. But he also seems to be consciously unfriendly toward anyone visiting, so. . .

Reading Enjoyment – 1

Frankly, I just don’t care. The first thing he does is steal a post from someone criticizing his site; the other blogger emails him a complaint that the post is copyrighted, so PYMMOTI promptly posts the email and makes fun of it. The rest of his posts, as far as I could stomach them, consisted of pictures with red arrows that made fun of other people. Very mean-spirited.

Useful Info – 0

Can I rate a zero? Unless you’re looking for new foul language to use, there is absolutely nothing useful here. The only thing I found of interest was the links to other blogs, which are put up on the right hand side of the page with no explanation.

Overall Experience – 2

I suspect the site owner would be happier with a 1, honestly. It’s a mean-spirited and hateful site with lots of foul language that apparently is meant to pass for humor. ‘Nuff said.