Powered By Tofu

Powered By Tofu
Powered By Tofu is a blog about the “adventures of a twenty-something Pacific Northwesterner who ditched her marketing job and MBA for a year-long round the world trip. Call it a quarter-life crisis or just the travel bug; either way, this blog documents the adventure. One year later, take a look at my rehabilitation back into daily life.”

Visual Aesthetics – 10
I have to say that the visuals of Powered By Tofu are amazing. It is very well designed, and you can’t help but admire the work. From individual photos to the other page elements – they blend well to create an excellent overall look.

User Friendliness – 9
Powered By Tofu took a really long time to load. I tried doing it using different ISPs – same result. It’s really the only thing that I can complain about. All the others – links, more info, they’re all there.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
Who wouldn’t enjoy reading all about food and travel? There is so much to read in this blog and you will find yourself wanting more!

Useful Info – 10
From travel tips to recipes – Powered By Tofu will not fail to provide you with something you can use. The good thing about the posts is that they actually provide you with concrete info. You don’t even have to look at other web sites for details.

Overall Experience – 9
Powered By Tofu is an excellent blog. It gives you lots of eye candy and backs that up with information that you are looking for. Keep up the good work!



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