Pointless Banter


Pointless Banter

Think “Mean Girls” with enough brains to put their nasty comments into witty writing. Had I not read his “Open Letter to the Two Assholes Ahead of Me In Line Last Night,” I would have continued to think that the writer was indeed one of those spiteful girls. In reality though, he’s actually Kevin, a student who would like to be called Craven Vag if he, by some absurd twist of fate, became a porn star.

Visual Aesthetics – 7

The site is mainly made up of blue, teal, and various shades of gray. Not that appealing, you might think. On the contrary, the colors compliment the site’s compact layout. Variations of fonts were used – blue and large for entry titles, gray and medium for links, small and thin for entry texts, etc. Each entry is truncated with just a “continue reading” link at the end which allows the reader to choose from various entry titles. It all gives a sense of harmony and organization that readers would instantly know what and where to click. There aren’t any pictures except for a man (whom we can’t really be sure if it’s Kevin)

User Friendliness – 8

Easy access to links. Each entry loads quickly enough.

Reading Enjoyment – 7

Whether an entry is long or exaggeratedly long, you’d still read it anyway. I mean, who could resist reading a harebrained theory about how assigning one gun and one bullet to each person would actually make America a better place to live in? He presents enough logic, though, that if you aren’t in firmly in touch with reality, you might actually begin to agree with him.

User Info – 4

Other than his skewed but somewhat convincing opinions peppered by mild profanities, there isn’t really much information that could be considered as useful to society. So if you’re looking for helpful factoids or socially relevant commentaries, well, you better skip reading this blog.

Overall Experience – 7

Nasty, interesting and fun in a twisted way. As Kevin puts it, Pointless Banter is really a “cockeyed look on pop culture” and on his life which should definitely be bookmarked for those days when you find the world offensive.