Paulnatic is a blog featuring an assortment of topics. From Grandparents’ Day to helping others with your web searches, Paulnatic gives you his take on these topics.

Visual Aesthetics – 7
The header of Paulnatic is marvelous. I may be biased when it comes to butterflies, but I am sure others will agree that the header is really pretty. Sad to say, the rest of the blog’s visual elements do not mix well for me. The various colors of the fonts hurts the eyes, while the background color of the left column does not contrast well with the dominant black background. A little tweaking here and there and this can be fixed!

User Friendliness – 6
Paulnatic is easily navigated via the archives, as the links are within easy reach. I did have some issues with load time every now and then, as my browser would indicate that it is waiting for data from another site – ads maybe? Again, the font colors should really be changed as it almost killed my eyes to read letters in a subdued blue on a black background. Another suggestion: use labels or tags. The plethora of topics featured in the blog makes it a bit hard to find specific info based on the archives alone.

Reading Enjoyment – 8
I loved the post featuring grandparents. The blogger’s passion for the topic reaches out to the readers. The other posts that I sampled are okay.

Useful Info – 8
Paulnatic does feature some interesting topics, some of which provide useful tips. There is this post on taking better photos. There are some on books and TV shows. If you are into these things, then you’ll find some tidbits of useful info. Otherwise, you might not really find much practical information.

Overall Experience – 7
Paulnatic has a potential with regard to content. Much like other personal blogs, his familiarity with his readers will be the key. I strongly recommend working on the visual aspects, though.


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