OOOOOOH…SHINY! is the perfect blog for those who have a low (or short) attention span. From food to vacation spots – this blog will certainly cater to all those shiny things that catch your attention all the time.

Visual Aesthetics – 7
I find it a little ironic that the main color theme of OOOOOOH…SHINY! leans toward the dark side. After all, the blog name hints of a brighter visual experience. Also, I would have loved for a header that says something more. Another thing that can be improved is the fact that there is too much empty space. Try utilizing the right column more!

That being said, the rest of the blog is perfect visually. The blog posts are full of images that will surely address your visual needs.

User Friendliness – 9
OOOOOOH…SHINY! is very easy to navigate. The links to the archives and blogroll are right where they usually are – upper right of the page. The pages load up with no problem at all. I suggest adding a tag or label section, though, as there are a lot of topics covered in the blog.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
Ahhh, this is a perfect blog for me, in terms of reading enjoyment. How can you go wrong with burgers and cabins and all sorts of trivia? Indeed, OOOOOOH…SHINY! can tempt you to browse its pages all day long.

Useful Info – 8
To be honest, there isn’t much by way of practical information in OOOOOOH…SHINY!. There are some posts, like the one about Modest Needs Charity, which are quite useful. Then again, who needs practical things all the time? Sometimes, we need to read posts about statistics on “What people remember from The Simpsons Movie” more!

Overall Experience – 8
OOOOOOH…SHINY! promises not to bore, always to interest – and keep it, too. Oooh, wait – what’s that post on electric light footprints of cities?

You’ve got to see it for yourself!



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