My Freedom from Abuse

My Freedom from Abuse

My Freedom from Abuse is a blog by Beth Praed, author of the book with the same title. Her blog to help you escape domestic abuse is dedicated to helping women survive and recover from domestic violence. It also has an updated list of domestic violence shelters across the U.S.

Praed, who has already published three books, believes women do not deserve to be treated inhumanely in any relationship and that there is help available to them.

Visual Aesthetics – 10

The blog’s simple and clean look with only two columns promotes an easy reading experience to visitors. Its green, white and cream design theme is very pleasant to the eyes.

User Friendliness – 10

Visitors will find it easy to navigate through the site. The links to the domestic violence shelters across the U.S. are provided on the left column and arranged in alphabetical order it’s easy to locate every state. The author also provides links to her three books.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

The blog is a good read particularly for women who have suffered domestic violence at some point in their lives and those with friends or relatives who have undergone the same experience. The author uses inspiring words that aim to uplift the spirits of victims and help them recover from their pain and suffering.

Useful Info – 9

Women who have experienced domestic violence will get valuable insights from author Beth Praed and will be empowered to move on with life. Praed shares spiritually inspiring words as well to help victims survive and recover after their ordeal.

Overall Experience – 9

A truly inspiring blog for women who fell victims of domestic violence and those who want to help these women. Author Beth Praed knows the right words and spiritual messages to use to encourage these women to carry on with their lives after their grueling experience. She even offers her My Freedom from Abuse book at a very affordable price of $1 as her way of helping these women victims in their healing process.

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