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Mealitary is a new blog that provides recipes of healthy low calorie foods that taste good. It is most ideal for the weight-conscious people looking for great tasting food without the calories. Recipes using vegetables, fish, bread and drinks are featured here with quality images included that are sure to encourage readers to prepare them in their own homes.

Visual Aesthetics – 10

The site’s simple theme design with a white background and big bold headlines makes it look clean and easy to read. the images of every recipe are also an attraction to visitors.

User Friendliness – 10

It’s easy to navigate around the site as the headlines and text links are in large fonts, you can see them right away. The social media buttons that link to the Mealitary’s social networking accounts and those for sharing purposes are also very visible.

Reading Enjoyment – 8

Being a site dedicated to recipes, most of the content here feature a list of ingredients and directions in preparing food. Adding more information such as tips on making healthy food choices and interesting stories about certain food can attract more visitors moving forward.

Useful Info – 9

Foodies and cooks will find the site very useful owing to its various recipes for making healthy food. They just need to click through the headline to go to the main recipe. A short trivia about certain food or ingredients is provided in some blog posts.

Overall Experience – 9

Visiting a site that features food is always a pleasant experience for many people. Those who love food and those looking for healthy recipes will want to explore the blog for unique and tasty recipes they might want to try out for themselves.

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