Mrs Fashion


Mrs Fashion

Mrs Fashion is one stylish momma. The author knows the latest in the fashion world but more importantly she has her own opinions about what she thinks looks good or not. This blog is for fashion lovers…not fashion victims. Oops. Wrong. Fashion victims would actually do well to read this blog and so get some help.

Visual Aesthetics – 9

A very simple blog template with a black background. What makes the blog look pretty are the photos that accompany most entries. Lots of pretty people and pretty clothes to look at.

User Friendliness – 10

Positives: Fast loading time. Highly readable text. Distinct links. Organized and uncluttered sidebar. Easy navigation. Negatives: None./p>

Reading Enjoyment – 7

Some entries tend to run a bit long although most of them are just the right length. Reading enjoyment would depend on how much you are into fashion. You will need a background knowledge in fashion for you to be able to really enjoy many of the posts.

Useful Info – 10

Very good resource for fashion lovers. You will also find plenty of information here about movies, music, and art.

Overall Experience – 9

Mrs Fashion is a very good blog if you want to gain honest insight into the fashion and entertainment industry. What’s really nice about this blog isn’t Mrs Fashion’s taste (although her taste is really good) but that she really knows what she’s talking about and doesn’t just follow trends. You will find the latest in fashion here but you will also find some not too popular but really great finds.