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A personal blog that gives you insights on just about anything – from all things bacon to beer to technology. Jason aka Mosley aims to offer one of the most entertaining personal blogs out there.

Visual Aesthetics – 9
I would say the predominant color is blue and the text black on white – you can’t really go wrong with that. Mrbaconpants is very easy on the eyes – the layout is quite neat and the ads do not overwhelm the user, plus, there are lots of interesting photos relevant to the blog posts.

User Friendliness – 9
With an organized layout, any user will not have problems navigating the blog. The links are all found in the right column – I just wish the categories links were on the upper part of the page instead of the bottom. The posts contain all the relevant links as well, making it easy to find further info.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
I really enjoyed reading Mosley’s posts. He has this way of presenting his ideas in a funny manner – especially tech stuff. Whoever thought there would ever be an iBacon?

Useful Info – 9
Lots of useful information here – that is, if you are a tekkie, you like beer, or you like bacon. I think I can qualify.

Overall Experience – 9
I agree with Mosley’s readers – he does provide a new twist to personal blogging. You may not know this person but you would certainly appreciate his blog. Now I feel like having me some bacon and eggs…

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