Mostly Pointless

Mostly Pointless
Mostly Pointless is the personal blog of Kokonad Sinha. Like most personal blogs, there is no specific focus, and the topics are as varied as anything.

Visual Aesthetics – 10
The blog template of Mostly Pointless is very clean and professional looking. In fact, it is not a common template I see used for personal blogs. This makes for a clean look; very pleasing to the eyes. The blog posts are also interspersed with images here and there, adding to the visual experience.

User Friendliness – 10
The layout of the blog makes it very easy to navigate, with all the relevant links located in the two columns to the right. If you feel like discovering posts randomly, you can check out the “random posts” section on the top right of the page. Mostly Pointless is really well-laid out!

Reading Enjoyment – 10
While I like discovering personal blogs, it is not always a success. Many personal blogs just do not attract people who do not know the blogger personally. Mostly Pointless however, is one of those blogs that got me reading on and on, and on.

Useful Info – 8
Despite the title of the blog, Mostly Pointless, the ramblings of the blogger are not all that pointless. There are some insights to be gleaned here. There are also funny posts where you can find out interesting info, such as “Indian English.”

Overall Experience – 9
Mostly Pointless is a funny and interesting personal blog. If you are looking for some light reading, check it out.



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  1. Hi Neomi!
    Thank you SO MUCH for such a nice review! This was the first thing I read in the morning and I was extremely EXTREMELY thrilled. A wonderful start to the day.
    Thank you so much again!

  2. Hi Noemi, I changed my blog name to Logophilia – could you please upgrade this record? Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!