Loving My Happy Life

Loving My Happy Life
Loving My Happy Life
Loving My Happy Life is a venue where you can celebrate the life that you are living. We all face issues and difficulties, but if we look hard enough, there is a lot to love in the life that we live!

Visual Aesthetics – 8
Loving My Happy Life exudes positivity and cheer simply with the blog name, but it could use some tweaking when it comes to the looks. It has a very simple look, which is actually great, but there isn’t much to find at this point. I am positive, though, that with a little time, there will be more to see, both in terms of content and visuals.

User Friendliness – 8
The relevant links can easily be found on the home page of Loving My Happy Life. However, since there isn’t much content yet, I did find myself a little lost as to where to look.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
One thing is for sure – even with only a little bit to read, Loving My Happy Life already provides enjoyment to the readers. I recommend contributing your own stories so that this site will become even more enjoyable!

Useful Info – 8
Insights and inspiration are what you will find in this blog. For more content that you may find useful, click on the Tumblr link. For now, Loving My Happy Life needs a bit more.

Overall Experience – 8
Loving My Happy Life has so much potential. The idea itself is a success already. If you want to share happiness and receive some as well, why not participate?



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