Jump In The Ocean

Jump In The Ocean
Jump In The Ocean is the personal blog of Maritza from the United States. She shares an eclectic collections of thoughts, sometimes in English and sometimes in French (I think).

Visual Aesthetics – 8
Jump In The Ocean is a very clean looking blog, with a simple but very noticeable header. There isn’t much eye candy to be found in the blog, however, although you would see the occasional photo in some of the posts.

User Friendliness – 9
Navigating Jump In The Ocean is quite easy as the drop down menu to the archives can be easily found in the right column. The pages load up with no delay as well. However, the right column could be used for more user friendly items such as external links and other information.

Reading Enjoyment – 8
Jump In The Ocean offers a peek into the world of Maritza. The posts are well written and some of them are quite funny but in general, I could not relate much at all. You have to read that post on one husband’s cheating days, though. It just cracked me up!

Useful Info – 6
Jump In The Ocean does not have much by way of practical information, like many other personal blogs. It does provide some insights that some people might find useful, though.

Overall Experience – 7
Jump In The Ocean is the usual personal blog wherein a stranger might find a connection with the blogger. This is not a guarantee for everyone, though. For those who know the blogger, it’s a whole different story.



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