Joana’s Blog

Joana's Blog

Joana’s Blog

The first thing you notice about this blog is that it is very, very pink. I’m not a pink fan, but it’s not bad on this site. The lack of a title is very odd, but the lady in the bathtub makes up for it. (No.. it’s perfectly innocent..).

Visual Aesthetics- 7

If you like pink, you’ll like this site. Joana has put a lot of thought into how she arranges the things around the top of her blog, though, and everything “above the fold” gives you a really good introduction to who she is.

User Friendliness- 8

It’s well-organized and has a whole circle of friends listed on the front page. She has some really interesting links, like the one to, that won’t just catch your attention, but will rather seize it by the throat and make it pause.

Reading Enjoyment- 7

Joana‘s blog is a personal blog, which I personally generally don’t read. That said, it’s surprisingly interesting. She shares some interesting personal stories, and has a real talent for writing. In addition, she’s a Filipina, and I can’t help it- I’m really fascinated by the pidgin English and Tagalog she throws in every so often, though I wish she’d translate it too!

Useful Info- 7

While there are some interesting links, Joana doesn’t throw many into her blogs, and those on the side sometimes have that dread sin- 404 Not Found. But then, her site’s not designed for information; it’s a personal blog, and it does a good job at being a personal blog.

Overall Experience– 7

Joana‘s blog is kind of like an online living room (did I mention pink?) She invites you in, shares a few things with you, even offers you the equivalent of an electronic martini. And like a living room, you’ll probably feel comfortable there for a while.