Jessica’s Design Shop

Jessica’s Design Shop
Jessica’s Design Shop is a blog that showcases the work of Jessica, a designer who seems to specialize in weddings and other similar functions. The blog makes use of both text and graphics to convey the blogger’s ideas.

Visual Aesthetics – 10
Being a design blog, Jessica’s Design Shop meets visual expectations. The theme is dark blue with some splashes of white. The effect is actually very pleasant to eyes, without the flashiness that some design blogs tend to have. There are a lot of visual elements in the posts, showing what the blogger is capable of.

User Friendliness – 10
Jessica’s Design Shop is very user friendly. The links to the archives, categories, and other blogs are all neatly arranged in the left column. More so, despite the large amount of pictures found in the blog, the load times are very reasonable.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
Jessica engages her readers with both her descriptions and pictures. I particularly enjoyed posts on buildings and spaces, wherein she shared some of her insights. Though it was not her work that was showcased in those posts, I enjoyed reading what she thought about them.

Useful Info – 10
If you are looking for invitations and other similar design work, then you will certainly find this blog useful. Even if you are merely looking for ideas and inspiration, Jessica’s Design Shop will give you that spark of inspiration.

Overall Experience – 10
Jessica’s Design Shop scores perfectly in all of our elements. This blog is a must visit for anyone who is interested in design in general as well as those who are specifically looking for stationery design.



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