itchin' where i can't go scratchin'

Itchin’ Where I Can’t Go Scratchin’

Stories. These are what welcome you when you visit Rajesh‘s blog. This blog author is fond of writing stories about typical life and living in his country, India. He is fond of sharing snippets of his daily experiences, and as well stories he conjures up in his mind. Rajesh‘s blog entries give you a healthy dose of facts and fiction, and then also the occasional mash-up between the two.

Visual Aesthetics – 7

Rajesh‘s blog uses a default Blogger template. It’s light, clean and easy on the eyes. The author is also fond of adding relevant pictures and illustrations to his blog posts. In terms of aesthetics, the blog is above average, but nothing very spectacular.

User Friendliness – 6

The content’s contrast level and text size is adequately readable. Links and headers are also easily distinguished. However, the blog needs improvement in terms of navigability. Yes, the site uses a default Blogger template, but a few editions would make it better in this regard, such as prominent links to the static pages–preferably in the titles–and links to the next and previous page/articles.

Reading Enjoyment – 8

I find Rajesh‘s writings amusing. This blog is best considered as light reading, as a visitor would surely be entertained in spite of some cultural differences. One gripe we have is that the postings are spaced too far apart–the author doesn’t seem to post here much.

Useful Info – 5

The blog has interesting stories, but is a bit lacking in terms of useful information. You won’t get much in terms of links to interesting sites. The information would be as useful as your interest in Rajesh‘s stories and musings on life. The low level of reader feedback is also indicative that not that many are really into what Rajesh is writing about.

Overall Experience – 7

Itchin’ Where I Can’t Go Scratchin’ is a blog that has good stories and writings. Probably what keeps it from becoming a great blog is the low frequency of updating by its author. It’s a blog that strikes us as having good potential to be bookmark-worthy and regularly read. Otherwise, one visit every couple of weeks may be good enough.

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