Fountains Of Truth

Fountains Of Truth
Fountains Of Truth, the blog, is a supplement to the web site of the same name. The blog title gives you an idea of what the focus of the blog is – seeking truth and spirituality in this world.

Visual Aesthetics – 10
I really like the clean look of Fountains Of Truth. The background is a pure white, with large readable black font. There are relevant photos included in each post, breaking up the “whiteness” of the pages. This is a good example of simplicity = beauty.

User Friendliness – 8
I didn’t have any problems with load times as I browsed Fountains Of Truth. The pages loaded up quite fast, in fact. My only concern is the fact that I had to scroll down so many times to get to the end of the page. More so, there seemed to be an endless column of Amazon ads on the right. The archives are way down at the bottom. This could be fixed easily to make the blog more user friendly.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
Fountains Of Truth is a very positive blog with well-written posts. The posts are easy to read and really make sense – I could use this blog in the morning as I try to put a more positive spin on my day!

Useful Info – 10
There are gems to be found in the pages of Fountains Of Truth. The insights that the blogger offers will be very useful to most people.

Overall Experience – 9
Aside from the issue on user friendliness, Fountains Of Truth is a very good blog. I recommend it to everyone who is sick of negativity.


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