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Food With A Point
Nspielmann, the blogger behind Food With A Point, shares only his good experiences with food in his blog. He says: “So in the hopes of making more people happy, I plan to sample everything but share only the good stuff, because no one likes bad taste… Here is to tasting, imbibing and savouring!” I get the point. 😉

Visual Aesthetics – 8
When it comes to food, the visuals are just as important as the flavors. Food With A Point is a bit lacking in this respect. The blog does not look bad. However, it could present more eye candy, given that the topic is all about food.

User Friendliness – 9
The pages load up in no time at all and it is quite easy to navigate the whole blog. I do have to say that the posts are way too long. When you are hungry and all you want is food, you’d rather read shorter blocks of text, wouldn’t you?

Reading Enjoyment – 9
NSpielmann does a wonderful job of writing about food – after reading his posts, you definitely will be craving for something.

Useful Info – 9
Foodies will find a lot of useful information in Food With A Point. There are tips, recipes, and great food ideas. I just don’t know how easy it will be to find some of the ingredients in some areas – but the search is part of the fun!

Overall Experience – 9
I’d say that with a little visual and layout tweaking, Food With A Point can go a long way. It is a relatively new blog, as well, so we can look forward to more content in the future.

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