Fish Creek House

Fish Creek Inn Fireplace

Fish Creek House

“The adventures of an eco-friendly bed and breakfast innkeeper in Montana. Living my childhood dream and invite you to explore the great outdoors, travel tips and of course recipes. Hang your hat and come on Inn!” — GP

Visual Aesthetics – 7

One look at the fireplace and all the images of the food and the landscape and you’ll be wishing you were visiting the actual place and not just the blog. The blog template used doesn’t do the inn any justice at all. If not for the great photos this blog wouldn’t rate as well for visual aesthetics. With all the great images I’m sure a prettier header can be made and the sidebar can be organized better.

User Friendliness – 9

Simple fuss-free navigation. Very readable fonts. Fast-loading time. No problems here although again the sidebar can be rearranged to make navigation a bit more intuitive. Blogroll at the bottom. Verse a bit higher. Archives right behind. The use of drop down/expandable menus for the blog roll and archives would also make it look less cluttered.

Reading Enjoyment – 7

I didn’t enjoy reading the recipes (who enjoys reading recipes anyway?) but I sure did enjoy looking at the food. The recipes are of course great and is one of the things that give the blog its flavor (literally?) but it will never add to the actual reading enjoyment. Though you probably won’t read it for its literariness it makes for a good read especially if you need some quiet time as it reads like an inspirational blog. It’s amazing how the author seems to incorporate her faith in her everyday dealings.

Useful Info – 10

If this isn’t a useful blog I don’t know what is. Loaded with information about innkeeping, cooking/baking, and self-improvement tips even a single sit-down with this blog will surely leave your head bursting with information.

Overall Experience – 8

The blog feels like a cross between a self-improvement/inspirational guide, an innkeeper’s how-to, and a cookbook. A good blog to visit every time you are stressed or just want a good recipe for breakfast. I couldn’t immediately decide which category this belongs to but since there’s something about food in the majority of posts then Foodie is as good as any.

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