Being Me

Grin Reaper

Being Me

“Ahh, being me. It’s a terrible thing sometimes, but I’m getting used to it.” — Samantha

Visual Aesthetics – 8

I didn’t realize that the grim reaper could actually look cute but it does in this blog. I am not a fan of black text on a red background since it’s usually difficult to read but somehow it works in this instance. Very simple and neat.

User Friendliness – 9

Fast loading time. Fairly reable text. Simple and easy navigation. No link to previous posts at the bottom of the page. Uncluttered look. With just enough images and videos to add interest.

Reading Enjoyment – 6

Plenty of her posts tend to get a bit long. Although the posts were well written enough it is not as engaging as some of the really good blogs out there. This blog will mostly appeal to people within the author’s circle. You will find some interesting posts though. I still have no idea who the number four guy is trying to imitate.

Useful Info – 6

Not much useful information here. Like most personal blogs you’ll find something every few posts. There are some pretty useful links on her sidebar though.

Overall Experience – 7

A nice enough personal blog but not really special in the sense that it will draw strangers to come back again and again. Cool, unique template.

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