Expired Foods

Expired Foods
Expired Foods is about “all that’s fit or unfit in the world of food, recipes, beer, and more.” Definitely a food blog but not your usual run of the mill foodie destination. You’ll be in for a lot of surprises in this blog!

Visual Aesthetics – 9
Orange on white is the main color theme of Expired Foods – no complaints there. I don’t quite get the use of blue for the font of the main posts, though. It really took away from the overall visuals. However, there is no lack of supplementary photos within the posts. All in all, a visually stimulating blog.

User Friendliness – 9
I loved how quickly the pages loaded up for me. Despite the large number of pictures contained within the blog, navigation was a breeze. Some work can be done on the archives – the months and dates seem to run into each other. More so, with all the interesting stuff that could be found within the blog, a section for easier browsing would be good (say links to best posts, categories, and the like).

Reading Enjoyment – 10
How can one not enjoy reading about the quirkiest food on earth? Seriously, I don’t know where the people behind Expired Foods find all the information they write on the blog! The mere idea that these food products exist is enough to catch your attention.

Useful Info – 8
Alright, maybe some of the posts may not be that useful but still, the read is worth it. More so, you never know when you just might stumble upon a treasure in the pages of Expired Foods.

Overall Experience – 9
You call yourself a foodie? Well head on over to Expired Foods and discover a whole new world of food!


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