Divine Calm


Divine Calm

This is a somewhat eclectic blog, and a very personal one. Divine Calm lives up to its name. Its writer is a young woman who’s overcome a great deal in her life, and over time learned a serenity that really comes across in her writing and her images. Did I mention images? She’s also a talented amateur photographer and her site is filled with some pretty nice photos.

Visual Aesthetics – 8

The site is a little cluttered, and the pictures show up very large in relation to everything else. But Divine Calm‘s theme, a gentle lilac, goes well with her style, and the pictures on the site are nothing short of gorgeous.

User Friendliness – 8

It’s not a hard site to navigate, but I can’t help wondering if I’m missing something. I can go back in the archives and read things, but it oddly doesn’t feel as warm as many blogs I’ve read. I do love the blogs Divine choses to link, though- they are excellent quality.

Reading Enjoyment – 7

I’d rather look at the pictures, honestly. Divine doesn’t have a bad writing style at all, but there are more pictures than things to read.

Useful Info – 9

Divine clearly has a very focused idea of what she likes and she knows where to find the good stuff. I found myself getting sidetracked on the tangents she threw in with links. Very nice starting point for a blog surf!

Overall Experience – 8

Divine Calm is sort of an electronic reflecting pool. It’s a nice site, but it’s more a place to come and discover a certain mood than it is a place to come and think. That’s not a negative at all – it sets this blog apart from many similar ones. Again, this is a great blog to start at for a blog surf, partly because she starts you out in such a settled mood and partly because she’s got some fantastic links. I’ll be returning there myself when I need a still and quiet place.