Diet & Fitness Blog

Diet & Fitness Blog
Dieting and keeping fit are some of the hottest topics on the Internet today. Diet & Fitness Blog is one blog that caters to this demand. It is part of eDiets and is maintained by Dorian Wagner.

Visual Aesthetics – 8
Diet & Fitness Blog certainly does not follow any free blogging template. It’s theme is simple – colors, text format, etc. – and easy on the eyes. One big thing that detracts from the visuals are the numerous ads and buttons for social networking. The overall effect gives you a “sense of clutter.”

User Friendliness – 8
The entries themselves are very easy to read as they have been formatted quite well. There are also links to recent posts and the archives. Again, the clutter makes it a bit disorienting for me.

strong>Reading Enjoyment – 10
I did enjoy reading the posts on Diet & Fitness Blog. Not only are they well written but Dorian Wagner’s personalized touch adds an extra something to the content. Maybe I am just a fan of Poison. 🙂 (See latest post)

Useful Info – 9
Many of the posts contain useful information on the blog’s main focus – diet and fitness. Some are merely for our fun and enjoyment.

Overall Experience – 8
Diet & Fitness Blog is a good example of a fun and relevant blog. I recommend it to those who are looking for an enjoyable read about health.




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  6. I hear about your blog form one of my friend and i came. I am going to visit your recommended blog. Hope it will fine and enjoyable like yours 🙂

  7. eDiets Diet & Fitness blog is awesome! It’s not your regular old boring diet blaaaahhhg. No “blah” here!

    Did you read the latest post about if you could live without TV? Really got me thinking…

    Thanks for the great find, Noemi!

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