Culture Shiok!


Culture Shiok!

Really cool blog title once you read the definition of Shiok. A blog of a Filipino based in Singapore. This blog is very informative if you want to get a glimpse of either ot the two countries.

Visual Aesthetics – 9

Simple template. Good color scheme. Big readable fonts. Plenty of interesting images.The bottom of the page is a bit cluttered and so is the sidebar but on the whole it’s ok.

User Friendliness – 8

Very user friendly except for the absence of categories and the presence of Snaps. The author would do well to start labels for navigation since his blog is informative in nature and as his entries increase will make it harder for his ever growing readers to dig into the archives for posts with specific topics. Snaps are fast becoming my all time pet peeve as more bloggers are starting to use it. Again Snaps virtually serve no purpose and just irritate me whenever they pop up as I hover a link unintentionally.

Reading Enjoyment – 10

I actually liked each and every post in this blog. It is far from literary but the plain story telling and information serving got me caught up and made me read ALL the back posts without realizing what I did. It might be the plain wording, or the way he explains things so that even people without any real background on Singapore or the Philippines will understand, or the sheer informative yet light nature of the blog, or the just right length of the posts. I don’t know what it is but this one surprisingly get a 10 for reading enjoyment.

User Info – 10

Despite being a new blog there are plenty of information here about Singapore AND the Philippines. Here you’ll find everything about both country’s culture, food, language, accommodations and even laws and policies. An excellent resource for Filipino overseas workers in Singapore.

Overall Experience – 9

Almost a winner. Just a little tweaking with the look and usability and this blog is bound for a Bloggy. An excellent blog content-wise. I’m pretty sure this blog will get even more readers and rise even further in the Technorati Philippine Top 100.