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Bloggy Award
Coconuter is the online journal of a Filipino-American (David) who has left the comforts of his Western home to find his purpose in his Eastern roots. His motto? “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

Visual Aesthetics – 9
Aside from the slightly cluttered look, the blog has a lot to offer in terms of eye candy. In David’s quest to find his purpose and meaning in life, he has gone to many places and has detailed these trips in pictures. It has the looks of a travelogue but it does look good!

User Friendliness – 9
Despite the large amount of photos, the pages load up pretty fast. It is easy to find the links to David’s adventures as they are all listed on the leftmost column. If you want to search by date, however, you will not find a shortcut for that.

Reading Enjoyment – 9
David writes well and engages his readers both with words and pictures. There’s an occasional post which just runs on too long but in general, the blog is enjoyable to read.

Useful Info – 9
Who wouldn’t want to find his purpose in life? Perhaps this is why Coconuter seems to present insights even in the most mundane of experiences.

Overall Experience – 9
All in all, Coconuter is one good read – especially if you are planning on a trip to the Philippines any time in the future.

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