Cloud Computing & IT-Consulting


Cloud Computing & IT-Consulting
Cloud Computing & IT-Consulting is an extension of IT company Cloudtec, which is based in Switzerland. The blog serves as a channel for the business to communicate with its customers as well as to provide practical value added information.
Visual Aesthetics – 10
One visit to the blog, and you’ll know that the focus is mainly on the content. The visuals support that, with clean lines and simple fonts and colors.
User Friendliness – 8
Navigating the blog is easy, thanks to the relevant links on the left sidebar. More navigation tools can be added, though. Additionally, make sure you can read German as it is used a lot. Alternatively, use Google Chrome to translate the page.
Reading Enjoyment – 10
IT-Consulting may not be the most humorous blog out there, but that is not its point. The target audience is specific, and if you are part of that, you will enjoy reading the information presented.
Useful Info – 10
The guys at Cloudtec know what they’re about, and their blog entries definitely aim to provide useful information.
Overall Experience – 9
Cloud Computing & IT-Consulting is a must visit for any of their clients, and for anyone who is in need of IT consulting services.



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