Casino Shark

Casino Shark
Casino Shark
Casino Shark is all about bringing information to online casino lovers. It features various online casinos, tips and tricks, and so much more.

Visual Aesthetics – 9
Casino Shark makes use of a mixture of dark and light colors, with a dark purple backdrop and white space in the content section. There is a lot of space, though, so it is still easy on the eyes. The way the content is presented does give a slight impression of being overwhelming, though.

User Friendliness – 10
In spite of the huge amount of information to be found in the site, Casino Shark is quite easy to navigate. You simple have to click on the casino game you are interested in via the tabs found on the top of the page. You can also navigate other areas of the site via the right side bar.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
If you are into online casinos, then you will definitely enjoy reading Casino Shark. Who wouldn’t enjoy reading about the latest promos in various online casinos or learning how to improve your chances of winning?

Useful Info – 10
Casino Shark provides online casino gamers a LOT of information to help you improve your game. You can learn different strategies for different casino games. You can also discover the best online casinos to hang out at.

Overall Experience – 9
There are a lot of online casinos to be found today, and resources such as Casino Shark will help you make the best decision to suit your needs and preferences. This site is a must visit for anyone who spends considerable time playing online casino games.



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