Bookatable Blog

Restaurant Blog
Restaurant Blog
London-based food lovers, listen up! If you haven’t heard of Bookatable Blog yet, it is about time that you did. Discover new restaurants and more!

Visual Aesthetics – 10
Bookatable Blog is all about food in all its glory, but the looks are simple, not taking away from what they have to offer. The posts are peppered with relevant images that will only serve to whet your appetite.

User Friendliness – 10
In spite of the huge amount of content, Bookatable Blog is very easy to use. From most recent posts to popular posts to cuisines – you can easily find them with a single click. You can also explore other locations easily by using the navigation links.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
I love food, so I definitely enjoyed Bookatable Blog. The only problem is that I am not London-based, so I have to content myself with drooling over the posts!

Useful Info – 10
Bookatable Blog deserves a perfect score for this category as it does provide users with so much useful information. Try using it for your next restaurant adventure in London, and the chances are that you will agree with me.

Overall Experience – 10
No matter what kind of food you feel like eating at any point, Bookatable Blog will give you something to choose from. You do not even have to go out and walk the streets. With this blog, you will be able to pinpoint your destination before heading out!



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