Alchemist Globe Trekker

No, this is not a travel blog, unless you count navigating the streams of consciousness of Calvin – a Singaporean college student – and his opinions on, well, just about everything. His entries range from Middle Eastern politics to anxieties about life after graduation to his frustrations with Microsoft Explorer. Sort of like a diary but with better pictures.

Visual Aesthetics – 8

A black background, vivid colors, funky fonts and excerpts from cartoon strips create an edgy layout. Plus, he takes great effort to pick strong photos for each entry.

User Friendliness – 6

Not the easiest of layouts, what with the large photos cutting up the chunks of text, and a rather confusing way of organizing material. Plus there are just too many things to click. Variety’s great, but with no clear idea of where those links will lead you, it just gets frustrating. (Using a gray font against black background doesn?t help.)

Reading Enjoyment – 7

Calvin’s got a lot to say, which can be both a strength and a weakness. You don’t quite know what this blog is about, which may turn away those looking for a specific voice or slant, or attract younger audiences who share his desire to “just rant”.

User Info – 8

Some articles are pretty well researched, especially when Calvin’s making a stand he’s fair enough to back up his opinions.

Overall Experience – 7

It’s a pretty nifty personal blog, but may have limited appeal, and needs some patience to go through. But sometimes the frustration pays off, and you find a gem of an entry.