Age Is A Number

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Age is just a Number: Adventures in Online Dating

You never really win the Dating Game – just sorta stumble along, hoping for the bets, weeding out the worst, laughing at your mistakes, and (as this blog proves) enjoying the bumpy ride. This is exactly what Dee’s “Adventures in Online Dating” is all about. Come aboard!

Visual Aesthetics – 7

The background’s simple: a simple orchid, sage green borders. Pretty, but not quite appropriate for such a fun, sassy blog.

User Friendliness – 8

Pretty easy to navigate, with clear categories. Minimal graphics make download time short and sweet.

Reading Enjoyment – 8

Dating can get pretty emotional, and it’s fun to “hang” with somebody who knows how it feels, won’t tell you that you’re being stupid, but “with wit, humor, and an occasional glimpse into some profound truth” give you the perspective that you need.

User Info – 9

Love the variety of topics. Aside from Dee’s own journal, she shares website reviews, dating articles, and links to other blogs

Overall Experience – 8

It’s not original, but it’s fun. Kind of like the online equivalent of a Saturday cappuccino with the gang: you talk about everything, you vent, you laugh, and (for half an hour) stop counting the carbs in your croissant.