A Malaysian Auction Website

A Malaysian Auction Website
I wouldn’t call A Malaysian Auction Website a blog in the traditional sense – as the name suggests, it is an auction web site. It does have interesting links that you can browse, though.

Visual Aesthetics – 8
Orange, pink, yellow – this site is full of bright colors that would certainly catch the reader’s eye. However, the organization of the links and categories makes the home page look quite cluttered.

User Friendliness – 9
Though the blog may have a cluttered look, the categories are quite well labeled. You need only search for the relevant link and then click on it. Then again, the links under each category do not seem to be arranged in a logical manner – as far as I can tell, that is – and that can be a problem.

Reading Enjoyment – 7
I didn’t really enjoy the blog as it was basically a web site where you can find things to buy. There are also some forums but there aren’t enough threads as of yet. Of course, if you are the type who likes to browse sites to buy stuff, then you just might enjoy this blog.

Useful Info – 9
There are some interesting items to be found in the pages of A Malaysian Auction Website. There is also a host of other information – dating and relationships, sex education, scuba diving, and more.

Overall Experience – 8
It could be that I was expecting more of a “bloggy” type of set up but I just couldn’t help but feel that there is something missing. A Malaysian Auction Website is worth a visit or two, though.

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