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Buzzword Hell

Hate an overused word? Send it to hell in Buzzword Hell. A very funny site in the style of Digg but created for another entirely useless but utterly fun purpose – to condemn irritating words to hell.

Visual Aesthetics – 10

Buzzword Hell looks too good to be hell. I don’t think the shade of green and blue in the website exists in hell but the grey and orange sure must. Aside from the pleasing color palette the different font types manage to blend nicely. My only problem is the too large buzzwords under Hell’s Recent Entries because they look a bit out of place.

User Friendliness – 9

With the very simple quadrant main design Buzzword Hell is definitely a breeze to navigate. There isn’t too much going on so that each feature manges to stand out and be easily noticed. Again I have only one problem which is the voting system. In order to cheer a buzzword on its way to the ninth circle of hell the visitor is required to enter an email address. Of course you can always leave a bogus one but I think it still manages to put off some visitors who just really want to vote and not participate much.

Reading Enjoyment – 7

The buzzword definitions make for an utterly boring read. However the comment section more than makes up for the definitions. A pity that it’s the definitions and not some quirky comments on the main page. The blog owner also presents Buzzword Hell in a very entertaining manner. If you are looking for genuine reading stuff there isn’t much to read here.

Useful Info – 5

The definitions are very useful if you need to know what the buzzword you’re using really means. However it is not the purpose of the site at all. There is little useful information here unless you want to know exactly just how many people are irritated by an overused term as you are.

Overall Experience – 8

Buzzworld Hell is a pretty fun site to visit once in a while. My problem with it is that there are still very few buzzwords waiting condemnation. I’m pretty sure that as it gets more traffic the site will prove to be more interesting.

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