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predator pee blog

The Words from The Peeman blog offers interesting facts and stories about the skunk and its many uses as well as other predators and predator urine. It is authored by long-time entrepreneur and purveyor of pee Ken Johnson.

Visual Aesthetics – 10

The blog sports a clean look with its white background which makes it very eye-friendly. The photos of predators included in blog posts also make the site more appealing.

User Friendliness – 10

The site’s web pages are well linked which makes it easy to navigate around the content you want to browse. Visitors can also check out relevant content through the keywords posted at the end of every blog post.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

With its interesting content, visitors are sure to have an enjoyable experience reading through the site’s blog posts and the author’s other tales.

Useful Info – 9

Not many people are aware of the ways to stay away from predators, get rid of them or prevent them from damaging your property and the

PeeMan provides the answers through his blog.

Overall Experience – 9

Visiting the Predator Pee blog should be a worthwhile learning experience. There are many things to learn from the author’s stories and

tales which people can use in their daily lives.

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