What Japan Thinks

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What Japan Thinks

Interested in knowing what Japan really thinks? Then subscribe to this blog. Using opinion polls and surveys that were translated into English, this blog brings you the latest statistics on what the Japanese really think about the latest important and even trivial issues.

Visual Aesthetics – 6

The template and color scheme used has potential but the blog didn’t really maximize it. The blog looks a bit too cluttered and the images are usually just of pie charts making the blog look unattractive. The blog deals with figures and facts but they should be presented in a more appealing way.

User Friendliness – 10

Positives: Fast loading time. Highly readable text. Very distinct working links. Highly informative posts. Entries have subtitles for different parts so you can skip the more boring parts (ex. Demographics). Negatives: None.

Reading Enjoyment – 7

This blog has very interesting results, which you can get a look at with a quick glimpse at the pie charts. The rest of the entries are usually too dry especially when it comes to the part about the Demographics and the actual results breakdown. Good thing the author always adds a short relevant commentary, which is about the only thing that gives the entries a little “story-telling” feel.

Useful Info – 10

Information is what this blog is all about. The great thing about the information here is that they are backed up with facts derived from hard cold numbers so you can be pretty sure to get a good idea of what Japan really thinks.

Overall Experience – 8

Statistics, figures, facts, opinions translated into numbers. What Japan Thinks gives you a quantifies answer to this question. Unless you are really interested in what Japan thinks though you won’t really enjoy this blog. Individuals and companies who are doing business and are interested in doing business in Japan should subscribe to this blog.

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