The Mad Irishman

The Mad Irishman
The Mad Irishman is the expression of the political views of “Mad,”who is in the telecommunications industry in New Hampshire. He has strong political beliefs which he does not hesitate to share with his readers. The bottom line is that this blog seems to be a campaign strategy for presidential hopeful, John McCain.

Visual Aesthetics – 8
White on black is the general theme of the Mad Irishman and though it may not be pretty, it does not look bad at all. The color scheme adds to the seriousness of the blog’s content but sometimes, the neon colored fonts hurt the eyes. The immense amount of content makes it look a bit cluttered – perhaps a little tidying up would do the trick.

User Friendliness – 8
The blog is divided into two columns, with the left one containing the main entries. These are easy to navigate and links are provided within the entries. The videos can take some time to load, however. Many other relevant information can easily be had by browsing the links on the right column. It does pose a problem if you are impatient as you would have to scroll down a lot.

Reading Enjoyment – 8
John McCain supporters would definitely have a blast reading the blog. I would say the opposite for those who support another candidate. For someone who does not have strong views in this matter, the blog is at least an interesting read.

Useful Info – 10
Definitely a lot of information can be gathered from the blog – especially for John McCain supporters.

Overall Experience -8
The Mad Irishman can look a bit better, visually, but it does deliver a message to anyone who is willing to listen.

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