The Exaggerator

The Exaggerator
The Exaggerator is the personal blog of IludiumPhosdex and it discusses “whatever crosses his mind, in his own way.”

Visual Aesthetics – 6
The concept behind The Exaggerator is brilliant but the visuals could really use some work. The header (The Exaggerator) is quite attractive in it’s own way. The fonts could use more uniformity. The colors could be re-mixed to come up with something more coherent. The left column could also use some cleaning up.

User Friendliness – 7
I have to say that after looking at the front page of The Exaggerator, I got totally lost.

Reading Enjoyment – 8
The posts in The Exaggerator are well-written, with a satirical twist. Indeed, the blog presents daily news items in a quirky kind of way.

Useful Info – 9
As most of the posts are about real-life happenings, you can pick up a lot of information from The Exaggerator.

Overall Experience – 7
The Exaggerator really needs to work on the presentation of the content, which is good on its own. If you can bear the form, then there is good content to be had in this blog.



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