The Days Of Johann

The Days Of Johann
The Days Of Johann is a blog with a unique perspective – it is life as seen through the eyes of an agility dog. Dog lovers will certainly appreciate this blog.

Visual Aesthetics – 8
I really like the header and the fact that there are lots of elements adding to the visual effects of The Days Of Johann. There are a lot of pictures and videos within the entries themselves. The light orange text on the white background takes away from the overall effect, however. More so, the predominance of the ads on the right column could be toned down a bit.

User Friendliness -7
I understand the orange is the official color of the ASPCA. However, the shade of orange used for some of the text in the blog kind of hurts my eyes. Maybe a different shade will do?

Another thing that could make it a bit easier for the readers would be to relocate the archives links to a more accessible position.

Reading Enjoyment – 9
Who wouldn’t enjoy reading posts by a dog? Well, of course I know that it’s Johann’s “mum” who writes the posts but they are quite entertaining, really. Some of them, though, I couldn’t really relate to. Maybe because I don’t currently own a dog?

Useful Info – 9
There is a host of useful information on dogs to be found in The Days Of Johann. Many of them involve activities for pets.

Overall Experience – 8
The Days Of Johann is a blog that stands out in its niche. Pay them a visit to see what Johann has been up to!




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